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Canadian Real Estate Fuelled or Cooled by Immigration Policy?

Current immigration policy could be more clearly linked with national labour market demands, especially relating to construction trades, potentially addressing supply issues within Canadian real estate market, driven by skill shortages

With an increase in new Canadians settling in urban centres, what will the supply and demand dilemma look like in the Canadian real estate market by 2027? The answer could depend on who’s immigrating, according to a new four-part report from RE/MAX Canada, developed in collaboration with CIBC and The Conference Board of Canada.

Unlocking the Future: The Economic Chapter offers a five-year outlook and analysis of how real estate in Canada might respond to specific scenarios through 2027, such as interest rate hikes, annual immigration volumes and taxation, and explores how these factors may impact Canadians’ capacity to buy, sell and maintain their homes in a stable manner. Subsequent chapters, which will be released throughout 2022, will consider the influence of climate change, the status of on-premise work, and technology on the Canadian real estate market.

As the first quarter of 2022 comes to a close, many unstable factors are in play — from interest rates and inflation to a war in Europe — that will impact the economy in the near and far future. Based on specific plausible and confirmed scenarios, this report explores on how policy decisions might impact the Canadian real estate market over the next five years.

Complete article: https://blog.remax.ca/canadian-real-estate-fuelled-or-cooled-by-immigration-policy/

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