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Canadians Tapping Their HELOC Less This Year

The cost of living has spiraled out of control for millions of Canadians nationwide. Inflation remains elevated, interest rates have skyrocketed, and real wages have failed to keep up with the increase in prices. For many Canadians, even tapping into their HELOC (Home Equity Lines of Credit) is becoming a challenging option given the economic pressures

Despite the latest economic developments, homeowners are not treating their homes like ATMs to keep their heads above water. Or, at the very least, not at the levels seen in previous years. This could turn out to be good news if there is...

A Look at the Toronto Real Estate Market Today

What is the state of the Toronto real estate market today? 

As the Bank of Canada’s inflation-fighting tightening cycle hardly made a dent in one of the world’s largest and most expensive housing markets, prospective homebuyers might wonder when the best opportunity would be to acquire a residential property in this climate before prices surge even more. Sellers might be pleased that the central bank’s rate hikes did not eviscerate demand. Industry observers are wondering if there is anything that could eradicate demand and crash prices. 

Indeed, North America’s fourth-largest city...

What is a Cashback Mortgage?

Cashback mortgages are a type of mortgage that has gained popularity in Canada over the past few years. With a cashback mortgage, borrowers receive a lump sum cash payment from the lender at closing. This cash payment can be used for various purposes, such as covering closing costs or making home improvements.

How a Cashback Mortgage Works

Cashback mortgages are a type of mortgage that has become increasingly popular in Canada in recent years. With a cashback mortgage, the lender provides borrowers with a lump sum cash payment at closing. This payment can be used for various...

Your Guide to Gifted Down Payments

Over the last couple of years, various surveys have revealed the same thing: prospective homeowners are concerned that they will be unable to buy a home because they cannot afford the down payment. 

Indeed, with Canadian real estate prices way above their pre-pandemic highs, plus interest rates at their highest levels since the global financial crisis, it is getting harder for younger Canadians to dip their toes in the housing market. 

Under the federal government’s rules, Canadians are required to have a down payment that is between five and 20 per cent of the purchase price....

Toronto Regional Real Estate Board Market Update for June 2023

GTA REALTORS® Release June Stats

TORONTO, ONTARIO, July 6, 2023 – Home sales and the average selling price in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in June 2023 remained above last year’s levels. Seasonally adjusted sales dipped on a month-over-month basis. The seasonally adjusted average selling price and the MLS® Home Price Index (HPI) Composite benchmark were up compared to the previous month.

“The demand for ownership housing is stronger than last year, despite higher borrowing costs. With this said, home sales were hampered last month by uncertainty surrounding the Bank of Canada’s...

Buying a Home After Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

Every year, thousands of Canadians file for bankruptcy after accumulating so much debt that they cannot keep their heads above water, particularly in a rising interest rate environment.

Interior Design Trends to Watch This Year

As we progress through 2023, many people want to refresh their living spaces and incorporate new design elements like sustainable materials and vibrant colour palettes. Interior design trends for this year promise to be exciting and innovative. With an emphasis on creating spaces that promote well-being and connection to nature, designers are exploring new ways to integrate natural materials and organic forms into their work.

Toronto Real Estate Market Board Market Update for May 2023

TORONTO, ONTARIO, June 2, 2023 – The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) housing market continued to improve from a sales perspective in May 2023. Unfortunately, the supply of homes for sale did not keep up with the demand for ownership housing. Sales as a share of new listings were up dramatically compared to a year ago. This is a clear signal that competition between buyers increased substantially compared to last year, resulting in the average selling price reaching almost $1.2 million last month.

How Renters Are Feeling About Inflation in 2023

Canada has made great progress in its inflation fight, peaking at an annual rate of 8.1 percent in June and slowing to 5.9 percent in January, according to fresh data from Statistics Canada.

Can You Afford to Inherit your Family Cottage in Canada?

Over the next three years, nearly 900,000 Baby Boomers are expected to retire in Canada. In tandem, the long anticipated $1-trillion intergenerational transfer of wealth from Boomers to Generation X (which is already underway) will continue. With inherited properties included in this wealth transfer, major shifts pertaining to ownership are coming to the real estate market, and Cottage Country is no exception.

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